EP8: Due Diligence on Suppliers in China

with Jason Chang, Of Counsel, DLA Piper

· China Business Law Podcast - Older

We talk with Jason Chang, Of Counsel at DLA Piper, on best practices for doing due diligence on China suppliers of PPE and medical equipment.

3:50 – Basic product quality and safety due diligence

9:40 – Engaging third party inspectors in China

11:50 – Engaging third party agents for sourcing product

15:55 – Anti-bribery and fraud prevention

20:06 – Diligence requests to and background research on your counterparties

25:18 – Documenting the terms of the transaction in your contract (and getting a lawyer)

30:31 – Identifying red flags and making the decision to walk away from an offer

33:55 – Reputational background search on other key players in the transaction

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