EP7: Startup Fundraising in Difficult Times

With Benjamin Qiu, Loeb & Loeb

· China Business Law Podcast - Older

Benjamin Qiu, partner at Loeb & Loeb, and I talk about what kind of legal issues arise when startups run into difficult economic times and funding is harder to get.

1:45 – What kind of funding environment are we in now?

4:08 – Will and how would VC funds try to back out of deals?

7:05 – Why VCs may be reluctant to put in more capital to existing portfolio companies.

12:15 – Alternatives to VC funding

14:48 – Investor veto rights – fundraising, change in business models, redemption threats

22:45 – Legal issues for startups trying to reduce costs

25:50 – Predictions on what will change post-virus


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