EP6: The Current State of Data Privacy Law in China

With Nico Bahmanyar, LEAF

· China Business Law Podcast - Older

We talk with Nico Bahmanyar at LEAF on practical, cost-effective strategies for coping with China's Cybersecurity and other data privacy laws.

1:35 Introduction to the Cybersecurity Law

5:00 Which regulators are competing for jurisdiction?

7:14 How much adaptions do companies have to make to localize their policies?

9:00 How do smaller companies try to comply in a cost-efficient way?

15:20 Coming up with a policy doesn’t have to be rocket science.

17:20 Where do company policies break down?

22:55 Problems of the “ownership” of data policies within big companies

25:40 Companies changing data compliance from a cost center to a value proposition

28:45 Personal liability on data protection officers and legal representatives within companies

31:18 Will the coronavirus situation impact data collection and data privacy in China? 



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