EP3 - Effectively Communicating With Clients

Jon Hicks, Employment Counsel at Netflix

· China Business Law Podcast - Older

We interview Jon Hicks, Employment Counsel at Netflix at its headquarters in Los Gatos, California. On how lawyers can effectively communicate with clients, including internal company clients when operating as an in-house attorney.

3:00 - The most common disputes with employees at companies.

4:00 - How Jon handles disagreements with colleagues/internal clients

5:45 - Does a legal training get in the way of good communication?

11:15 - Why you should never surprise someone with your decision

12:10 - Coaching managers to communicate well on terminations

13:45 - How to impart legal concepts using non-legal language

16:00 - Lawyers and non-verbal communication mishaps

19:20 - Avoiding the temptation to want to look smart with clients

21:10 - Talking about the law in terms of fairness not rules

22:30 - How company policies can hinder effective decision making

27:00 - Handling political correctness, bad jokes, etc within companies

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