EP21: Defending Chinese Companies in Global Litigation & Arbitration - with Amiad Kushner

Chair of the Litigation Practice at Seiden Law Group

· China Business Law Podcast

We interview Amiad Kushner, chair of the litigation practice at Seiden Law Group, a boutique law firm based in New York that specializes in complex commercial litigation, often on behalf of clients based in Europe and Asia. Amiad has a special focus on representing Chinese clients in these matters.

Foreign companies sue Chinese companies and often are in disbelief at how little documentation a Chinese company produces during the discovery process. And this may simply be because Chinese companies even on major strategic matters do not have a habit of documenting their decision-making processes. And how do Chinese companies choose their external counsel like Amiad for such complex litigation matters?

While one might think Chinese companies make easy targets, we instead have a fascinating in-depth discussion on the technical and cultural challenges of foreign companies bringing suit against Chinese companies around the world.

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