EP2 - Terminating Employees in China

Lesli Ligorner, Managing Partner Beijing office of Morgan Lewis

· China Business Law Podcast - Older

We interview Lesli Ligorner, Managing Partner Beijing office of Morgan Lewis. On the best approaches in effectively dealing with employee terminations in China.

1:05 - Typical termination case profiles

1:55 - Dealing with termination cases already in flight

4:02 - Handling situations where no clear legal grounds for termination

5:50 - How badly should a company pay to make employee go away

10:21 - Handling employees who just refuse to go

13:15 - Advance preparation for terminating employee

16:20 - Performance improvement plans

18:10 - Coordinating HQ-local cross-border termination cases

23:07 - How can outside counsel offer practical risk assessments

27:50 - Enjoying the practice of law in China as an expatriate

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