EP1: Charles Liao and the Story of Day 22

· Built in China

In our new show “Built in China”, we are looking at international “serial” entrepreneurs who have chosen to live and build startups in China.  

Our first guest is Charles Liao.  Charles was born in Shanghai but grew up in the US and has founded numerous companies, most recently the air purifier company Mila and the men’s personal care brand Day 22.  

Mila has been invested in by Electrolux and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital and has become an even bigger success in mature markets like the US than in China.  

With that success in mind, we ask Charles to share his thoughts on preparing to enter a totally new and underserved product category like men’s skin care without having any prior industry experience.  It hasn’t stopped Charles before, so how are he and the team going to tackle this new, big opportunity and what lessons carry over from his prior success.  Listen to found out.

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