Breaking the Bias - One Bias at a Time

With Orianne Dutka

· China Business Law Podcast



Happy International Women’s Day! The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #Break The Bias. In this episode, guest host Kim speaks to Orianne Dutka, a former attorney who worked in private practice (FCPA investigations), government (education) and not for profit specializing in disability rights before finding her calling in creative writing, and is currently working on a novel as well as a screenplay! An accomplished violinist as well as an ultra-marathon runner, Orianne shared with CBLP her life changing experience in Beijing that enabled her to finally pursue what makes her heart sing. 


Orianne’s entire career path has been nothing short of extraordinary and she has been breaking biases along her journey. In addition, she also shared her personal story on how a supportive community in Huang Shan, Yellow Mountain in China broke the bias by supporting wheelchair users to climb the mountain; also how by constantly self-reflecting and not putting ourselves down we can stop perpetuating some of the biases that exist. 


We hope you enjoy this episode!


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